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Sexual health concerns

It can be hard to find a space to talk freely about sex, sexual health, and feelings about pregnancy and babies without feeling judged or exposed.  I provide a neutral space to work out whatever is on your mind.  You may have feelings about

  • sex and anxiety

  • a pregnancy

  • an abortion

  • baby plans

  • infertility

  • endometriosis

  • miscarriage

  • birth experience

  • baby experience

  • relationship dynamics around these

There can be a lot to talk about.  We can talk about what is coming up for you, whether it is grief, the confusion of mixed feelings, societal expectations, relationship questions, communication needs, shame, who to tell, decision making, or feelings about yourself. As your counsellor, I am here to hear what is going on for you.  We can develop a plan for you if that is your need. During a highly pressured process, when you feel you can't talk about your situation publicly, it can be a huge relief to talk to someone neutral.


Together we can explore what is going on for you, and what you need to support yourself, no matter what happens. Everyone needs support for their own experience. Whatever you seek in counselling, I can provide a safe place for you to reclaim your resilience.

Please contact me at 250-589-4172 or

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