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Fees and FAQs

COVID-19?: I am offering consultations and counselling sessions in person and via Zoom at this time. 

Free first meeting?: I offer a half-hour free consultation — finding the right counsellor is important.


Rates?: Sessions are an hour long and cost $150 for individuals and $170 for couples, including GST.  I also offer some sliding scale rates depending on your income.

Location?: I am in Vic West, not far from downtown.

Insurance?: Registered clinical counselling (RCC) may be covered by your employment health plan. Plans vary, so please check to determine your coverage before we meet. UVic student health insurance covers counselling without requiring a doctor's note (up to $700 worth). 

Payment?: I accept cash, personal cheques, or e-transfers at the end of each session. I prefer e-transfers.  I email receipts after our session.


Hours?: I see clients every day, and sometimes in the evening. Please provide at least 48 hours notice for cancellations or changes so I can rebook the spot.

CBT for depression and anxiety?: Yes, I do CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), which is a well recognized treatment for depression and anxiety.  I can be strict or relaxed with it, depending on what you respond to.  I also draw on Mindfulness-Based CBT (MBCBT), which is also well regarded.  I create an individualized treatment plan for each person I see, so the therapy is most effective.

Other approaches?:  I work with many different approaches, depending on what each person is coming for.  These are always client-centred (created with your best interests in mind) and may include mindfulness, a family systems outlook, solution-focused work, narrative work, grief therapy, trauma-informed therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, feminist therapy, self-compassion work, etc.  If you know what works and what doesn't already, that is good information for us!  

Help after Bounce Back/a mindfulness course?: Yes, I can help you figure out how to tailor all that information to your life!  

Confidentiality?: I keep what you say utterly confidential.  I will discuss the legal "exceptions to confidentiality" with you when we first meet.  These are rare.  My Zoom account is professional.

Choosing a counsellor?: The most important ingredient is feeling connected and comfortable with me.  If you meet me and don't feel like there is a good fit, you might want to interview others.

How often?: Weekly or bi-weekly meetings are typical, but clients determine this with me when we meet.  Some people want or need a lot of support as they explore change or go through a transition. Later on, people may just want to come in every now and then to maintain their changes.  Both are okay, since your needs come first.

Contact?: call me at 250-589-4172, or email me at

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