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Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in our judgement, power, and abilities. It underpins our experience in the world, whether we’re coping with everyday challenges or whether we are trying something new and difficult. When it’s working well, we have a relaxed sense that we can rely on ourselves. We can trust ourselves to handle what we set out to do.

Our self-confidence fluctuates through our lives. Sometimes we have great dreams and terrific self-confidence — we can believe in ourselves even without knowing where it comes from! But it doesn’t always happen this way. We can become unsure of ourselves. We can experience setbacks at any point that leave us feeling unsettled, unsure, anxious, fearful, or uncomfortable. We may not know how to proceed; what decision to take; how to feel brave enough to take on a challenge; how to prove ourselves; how to speak our truth; how to deal with challenges we face; whether or not we can handle our life.

Things that can affect self-confidence:

  • trauma

  • relationship conflict

  • job issues

  • beliefs about ourselves

  • habits

  • family concerns


The good news is that self confidence can be grown, and can be a part of happy changes in your life. Self-confidence allows you

  • to feel that you’re managing

  • to take credit for what you deserve

  • to take healthy risks

  • to relax into your life

  • to hold your boundaries comfortably

  • and to be more resilient generally

It’s a foundation that allows you to grow. Counselling can support this growth. Together we talk about areas of concern and areas of strength. You may get new awareness about what is happening for you; and we may come up with some new strategies or approaches that can build your self-confidence. I will believe in you — you can too.

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