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Intimate relationships can be the greatest — who doesn’t want true love, to feel deeply connected, to feel lovable and loving, to feel supported and seen by another person? Relationships can offer connection, mutual appreciation, security, fun, and sexual expression (and probably much more).

But close relationships can also become difficult. We may know a partner is great in so many ways, and yet still wonder what the problem is. Why don’t we get along? Why are we so irritated? Why are we unsatisfied? Sometimes we don’t know if the problem is us or them. Maybe we’re struggling with a transition (new baby, return to work, getting older) and it’s affecting our relationship. Maybe we just feel stuck. Relationships can leave us feeling:

  • lonely

  • angry

  • unheard

  • having mixed feelings

  • playing games

  • struggling to communicate

  • giving up just to make our partner happy

  • struggling with time management

  • struggling over power and expectations

  • like we’re stuck in a pattern that doesn’t work

  • blaming


I can help. Together we can explore what is going on and where the glitches are. From there, we can start to figure out what can change to support feeling better. I counsel both individuals and couples seeking a path forward in their relationship.


Contact me at 250-589-4172, or email at

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