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Every life brings some grief.  The death of a loved one often brings obvious grief and feelings to process.  Maybe you feel a tremendous amount of sadness.  A lot of painful thoughts and feelings may be coming up for a while.  Or maybe you just feel numb, and don't know why.  Who fills that space in your life?  When a loved one passes, it can be very helpful to be able to talk freely about the person, to find ways to just be with whatever happened, whatever you are feeling as a response, to let it be okay even when it's not okay.  Grief counselling makes space for this process.

Sometimes the feelings of grief are mixed, which can be very confusing.  How do you process your feelings when a bullying parent dies, for example?  What if you are angry at someone or fought before their death?  A death can bring up passages in our life that still contain pain.  A sense of injustice or anger can add a whole other level to the grieving process, and bring up questions about our place in the world.  How can this happen to me?  Why didn't it happen differently?  What does this mean about me?  How do I forgive them now they're dead?  These are questions that grief counselling can help you face and untangle.


And grief can also arise even without a death.  We certainly grieve the loss of relationships.  We can grieve the loss of the future we expected.  We can grieve times in our life when things didn't go as we expected, or when we weren't supported the way we needed to be.  We can grieve the simple passing of time.  We can grieve the loss of our sense of security.  Disappointment is also a form of grief.

I can help.  Whatever the cause, counselling for grief can give you a space to explore your experience, to let you process whatever feelings are coming up for you.  It can provide you with the care and emotional safety you need while you face what has happened.  It can help you find a new passage in your life, at peace with the past, able to be engaged in your life as it is now.

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