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Sadness, dissatisfaction, and depression can creep up on us.

We can feel that our life somehow should be okay, but we don’t know how we could possibly change anything. We often try to soldier through, tough it out, do what needs to be done, suck it up, or get on with it. That can get us through the tough patches.  But sometimes the dissatisfaction and negative feelings stick around. Maybe we feel

  • discouraged

  • angry

  • remote

  • exhausted

  • stuck

  • responsible for others before ourselves

  • achey

  • weepy


Shaking it off can be difficult. People who are getting depressed can find they are having trouble getting up in the morning. Or they feel super-sensitive to things that happen around them, and think about those events a lot. Sometimes we don’t want to go out with our friends so much, or lose relationships. Or we blame ourselves for not getting over it, and get stuck feeling bad about ourselves for feeling bad.


This is where I come in. As your counsellor, I am here to hear what is going on for you. It can be a huge relief to be heard, understood, and valued. Together we can explore what is going on in your world. In the course of counselling, we can also consider what changes you could make in your world to shift your mood. Everyone needs support for their own experience and to feel okay about themselves. Some people just want to tell their story; some want to learn to be assertive or learn other new skills; some want to unpack a difficult experience and get understanding of what happened. Whatever you seek in counselling, I can provide support as you find your feet again.

Contact me at 250-589-4172 or

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