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Bodies and self-image

Find your satisfaction and pleasure in yourself!


Lots of people find themselves dissatisfied with their bodies.  We receive many, many different messages about acceptable bodies, how much to eat, the comfort we want, the nutrition we need, our health needs.  Many of us also experience our own persistent self-criticism.  Sometimes it's a matter of eating more than we want, or eating foods we are trying to give up. Sometimes we numb out while eating, as we try to comfort ourselves. But what is behind that?


We often have mixed feelings about bodies, food and exercise. Diet and exercise are routinely recommended by doctors, but such simple advice can be hugely discouraging. It is hard to know where to start — maybe you feel judged by your doctor or someone else, and maybe you find the whole thing a great bother. Maybe you judge yourself.  How do you reclaim your sense of who you are?  How do you validate your unique shape?  It may not be obvious how to get started and how to make choices suited to you, and even whether or not to make these changes! Your feelings can be complicated by social norms and high expectations of yourself. Managing yourself, your body, and your feelings through such change can be challenging.

I can help.  Counselling can help support you as you engage with change. Together we can find solutions that fit your life. We can consider what’s underneath your eating patterns. We might look at

  • working with your self esteem and critical thoughts

  • finding ways to practice self love and compassion

  • considering what food means to you

  • exploring your particular life circumstances

  • handling your relationships with other people

  • looking at family food styles

  • trying new behaviours

  • identifying triggers

  • handling stigma and shame

  • trying mindful eating

  • finding deeper nourishment


In a safe environment you can expect complete support from me as we explore your relationship with your body and your experience. We can identify patterns and consider ways to get you real satisfaction and support your self love.

Contact me at 250-589-4172, or at

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