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Are you anxious? 

These are anxious times. Anxiety shows up in all sorts of ways. Often people aren’t even aware of anxiety until it becomes hard to miss. Panic attacks are the most extreme expression, which can take a person by surprise and feel so difficult to control.  Sometimes anxiety comes as racing thoughts, or feelings in your chest.  Some people start waking up suddenly with a real jolt; others start waking suddenly through the night, or find falling asleep difficult. You might worry a lot, be uncomfortable taking a deep breath, have trouble focusing on work, or have trouble focusing on anything other than work!  For some, social situations or going outside become difficult. Anxiety can bring up strong and scary feelings. On top of all this, we sometimes secretly believe that there is something wrong with us as a person. Your first step is to recognize your anxiety and how it’s shaping your life right now.

The reasons for anxiety differ for each person. Maybe you’re going through a really difficult time in your relationship, work, or at school. Maybe you’ve always tended to feel nervous or scared. You might expect a lot from yourself, or want to perform really well in a certain situation. Often there’s some kind of gap, though — a gap between how things are and how we want them to be. Often that’s a gap that we don’t know how to bridge, or that seems impassable.

I can help you find a way through anxiety. In counselling, we can talk about what’s happening for you, and see what can be done to bridge that gap. Treatment for anxiety involves recognizing it, understanding it better, and finding ways to respond differently to your situation. Along the way, I can teach you basic tools to manage your anxiety and calm yourself.

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